Okay, let’s be real for a second.  We all spend our fair share of time online.  Sometimes, our time online can be beneficial- either for learning purposes or to reconnect with friends and family.  Other times, it can get in the way of our lives.  This is where Freedom comes in.

[DISCLAIMER] I have not been paid by Freedom, and this review will be as unbiased as I can manage.

For a while, I would get home from work, turn on youtube or Netflix and just let it play in the background while I half-focus on things I needed to do.  There are a couple issues with doing this.  For one, it kind of makes the relaxing part of entertainment less meaningful.  I am in no way advocating for a lack of relaxation- that’s pretty important for a sane and healthy mind.  But when I found myself editing a video while also watching a video- well… entertainment can become more of a distraction and less relaxing.

Of course, the easy thing to do is just turn off Netflix or Youtube, but the addiction to being always fed information and media has made it difficult for many, myself included, to stop cold turkey.

I’ve used 2 different tools to help with this problem.  One is Freedom, and the other is a Mac app called Self Control (aptly named).  Self Control lets you add blacklisted and whitelisted sites, and with a click of a button and a slide of a duration slider, you are now free from distraction.  And the best part?  It’s completely free.

Freedom is very similar except it has 2 things Self Control doesn’t have.

Scheduling and Device syncing.


Scheduling is exactly how you’d imagine.  If you would like to turn off Facebook during weekdays, it’s really simple to set up. Just choose your blocklist (all the sites you want to block) and choose the days it repeats.  It’s as simple as setting up a scheduled alarm clock.

But where Freedom really shines is device syncing.  This allows you to block certain apps ACROSS ALL YOUR DEVICES.  In the morning, it became a habit to look at the news instead of getting ready at a stress-free pace, and I’m sure some of you might have that issue as well.  If I wanted to block twitter in the mornings, I wouldn’t be able to access it on any of my devices.  This is incredibly handy.  If you decide to add another site to block on your computer, you can have it sync to your phone instantly.


So if you need to live a more productive life at home, I’d highly recommend checking out either Freedom or Self Control as they are both great at keeping you focused.


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