The iPhone X from a filmmaker’s perspective

News travels fast. You probably know all about the newest edition of Apple’s most popular line of electronics already. By now you might be trying to justify the $999+ pricetag. 

From a filmmaker’s perspective, it’s quite a feat of technology. It does a lot of the things you’ll need while filming. 4K, optical image stabilization, great apps like Filmic pro and LumaFusion, and a wealth of clip on lenses and attachable microphones. It also has better battery life than my Sony a7S. Its low light capabilities are extremely limited, but if you have a good low light camera like the a7s, you should be covered. 

If you are looking for me to compare the filmmaking capabilities of the iPhone compared to other smartphones, look elsewhere as I have no experience with that platform. Though while it might sound like I’m an apple fanboy, I tend to reserve that title for those who buy without considering other options, namely not upgrading. Currently, I’m still on my iPhone 6s because it works perfectly well for how I use it. It has a great camera and still has a headphone jack unlike the newer iPhones. So this puts me in a position where I can upgrade if I see the need. 

If your phone is dying and you are already looking for a new phone and workable camera, the iPhone 8 or X might be for you. 

If your phone, like mine, is in perfect working order, I’d wait until the phone dies until you consider upgrading. That’s a lot of extra money that could go towards light kits or set design. Nothing saves you money quite like never spending it in the first place. 

Then there’s the human element- happiness. If you think you can derive happiness from this and have the spare change to do so, who am I to say no?

Of course I’m still going to check it out at the Apple store anyway…

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