Lens Compression

​You might not think about it if you don’t work with cameras that often, but lens compression can absolutely affect your frame composition.  Look at these two gifs below and see for yourselves.  Not only does it affect the background, but you can see the face becoming more and more flat the longer the lens.

Below, this crazy effect is an exaggerated version of the dolly zoom that uses the same technique as above.



Fun fact: If you knew the name dolly zoom, you might not know its other names from wikipedia.


  • Focus disturbance zoom
  • A “zido”
  • A “zolly”
  • The “Hitchcock zoom” or the “Vertigo effect”
  • “Hitchcock shot” or “Hunter shot”
  • Triple Reverse Zoom
  • Reverse Tracking Shot
  • Back Zoom Travelling
  • Hunter Smith Shot
  • “Smash Zoom” or “Smash Shot”
  • A “Jaws shot”
  • Vertigo zoom
  • Telescoping
  • Trombone shot
  • Push/pull
  • The Long Pull
  • The Trombone Effect
  • A Stretch shot
  • Reverse Pull
  • More technically as forward zoom / reverse tracking or zoom in / dolly out
  • Trans-trav (in Romanian and Russian), from trans-focal length operation and travelling movement


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