A Study on Match Cuts

Watchtower of Turkey has made its rounds across the internet every so often, but if you haven’t seen it I’d highly recommend watching this.

One big reason why I love this is the fact that it proves you don’t need high end equipment to make amazing work.  His two main cameras included the  Panasonic GH3 and the entry-level GoPro3.  His main tool was his attention to detail and creative ability.


Since the video went viral I cannot say how many people have contacted me to do something similar for them. I got requests to do a Watchtower for Greece, Panama, Spain, Portugal and many other countries.

Read more about their process here

Here’s a fun activity- Look at the tools you have to create, now remove half of them.  Create with that.  Exercise your creative brain. If you make anything, please share it in the comments. 🙂

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