The Only Capable iPhone/iPad Video Editor – LumaFusion Review

I’ve always been a little doubting of “pro” mobile apps.  At least as far as Apple is concerned, there’s no real photoshop or illustrator to take advantage of on their mobile platform- only imitators and Adobe’s limited “mobile” apps. If I’m going to one day replace my laptop with an iPad for my main device, pro apps are going to need to be made for these devices.

Let me preface this by telling you a story of my attempts to edit on the iPad iMovie app.  One day, a sweet spring hen named Alex was feeling extra masochistic- he had an idea to try to edit multicam on the iPad.  This was for a small YouTube channel, so the stakes weren’t too high if I had to start from scratch and edit this project on the computer.

The project I was working on included 2 camera angles so I had to worry about sync.  There was also audio that was recorded externally and background music I had to place under the audio.  As one of the cameras was pretty old, there was a bit of drift in the video, so if the beginning of the video was perfectly in sync with the other, the end of the video wouldn’t be.  But that wasn’t the worst part.

The iPad iMovie app doesn’t let you lock external audio tracks to video tracks.  When I was going through and cutting sections out, it would desync EVERY time.  There’s no way to delete both the audio and video at the same time.  It seems iMovie was made for a single track of video where the audio is recorded from the iPhone.  There’s not a good solution to either of those with iMovie.


This is where LumaFusion comes in.  At only $20 it is extremely affordable for all it can do.  It is compatible with iPad AND iPhone (and the iPhone version isn’t lacking at all).

As you can see, there are 3 video tracks and 3 audio tracks.  There are also of fully customizable animations and transitions.  You have the ability to create keyframes for effects, which is very useful if you need a digital pan or zoom here or there. There’s even a title tool where you can easily change the typeface and animate it in and out.

This is a lot of functionality, and with added functionality comes the risk of being too complicated to use. LumaFusion doesn’t have this issue though.  The only thing that resembled a learning curve are the multitouch gestures you can use to cut and zoom on the video- everything else is straightforward.  There’s also a pretty basic sound library included in case you want to add royalty free music to your videos.



I’ve taken this with me as I go camping and the video can be finished and uploaded before I even get home to my computer! It’s been extremely useful to me and I highly recommend checking it out.


I’ll be sure to upload a video review at a later date once I find the time, because it’s hard to understand how useful this can be with words alone.

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