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As I sit here eating leftover Chinese food and listening to some fantastic music by Chiptunes=Win, I can’t help thinking of how much media has changed in my lifetime.  I went from owning cassettes, to CDs, to digital songs on iTunes, to not even owning my music on Spotify.  I remember taking videos on my Razr flip phone and wishing I could host it online somewhere before the birth of YouTube.  Now people make millions of dollars on YouTube.


I’ve always been interested in creating media, but I’ve never been able to do just one thing- it’s all just so interesting to me.  That’s why, in college, I studied in a program named Multimedia Arts and Sciences (or later named New Media).  The first question people always ask is “What is New Media”?  While those classes taught me specific skills in which to create media, I think it more so taught me that I’m going to have to adapt in this ever-changing world if I’m going to not become obsolete by specializing in any one thing.  For instance, one of the required “new” media classes was Adobe Flash for web design.  While I love the program, becoming outdated is a constant problem.  Even websites like Lynda have outdated tutorials which can be frustrating to follow.


That’s where Victoria 12 Studios comes in.  My purpose with this website is to teach those who are eager to learn and create. I also hope to learn new techniques from visitors to this site.  I subscribe to a lot of filmmaking youtube channels and it saddens me that a lot of them have devolved into consumerism and reviews.  The most important tool to creativity isn’t the camera or tablet or light kit, but the brain(s) behind the idea.  But this site isn’t only for filmmaking- I intend for it to be useful for any kind of creative skill after some time.  This will be an ever-evolving platform and I have great things in mind for the future of Victoria 12 Studios.


This is but the first step in a long journey and I hope you follow along beside me.




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  1. M says:

    Wonderful. Can’t wait to see more from you. 🙂

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